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Here is the summary of Secret Baby for the Merciless Don by Ashlie Silas

As the clock struck midnight, the city’s symphony of lights twinkled against the velvety sky, casting a soft glow over the bustling streets below. Among the labyrinth of towering buildings stood Sarah, her gaze fixed on the cityscape, lost in a maze of thoughts that danced in tandem with the twinkling stars above.

Ever since that chance encounter with Michael, her heart had been ensnared by an inexplicable whirlwind of emotions. His unexpected presence had stirred a cascade of memories, unlocking a part of her past she had meticulously kept hidden. Sarah’s mind wandered back to their brief but impactful conversation—the sincerity in his eyes, the genuine curiosity that mirrored her own, and the unspoken connection that lingered in the air.

But intertwined with these feelings was a tangled web of uncertainty. Sarah’s past was a labyrinth of secrets, guarded by walls constructed from years of concealing her true identity. She had carved a niche in the corporate world, presenting an immaculate facade that shielded the truth of her origins. Yet, Michael’s appearance had begun to chip away at those carefully erected defenses.

As the CEO of a prominent tech conglomerate, Sarah commanded respect and admiration in the business realm. Her astute decisions were whispered about in boardrooms, her prowess earning accolades that echoed in the corridors of power. Yet, despite her success, a lingering sense of detachment gnawed at her—a void that Michael’s presence had unexpectedly stirred.

Lost in contemplation, Sarah barely noticed the figure approaching her until a familiar voice cut through her reverie. “Sarah, fancy meeting you here again,” Michael’s warm voice spoke, his footsteps echoing against the pavement as he neared her.

Turning to face him, Sarah offered a faint smile, her eyes betraying a mixture of surprise and curiosity. “Michael, what a coincidence,” she replied, the tinge of uncertainty subtly veiled beneath her composed demeanor.

Their gazes lingered, each harboring unspoken questions. Michael, though polite, wore a faint air of concern, as if he sensed there was more to Sarah than met the eye. “I hope I’m not intruding, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that our last conversation was left unfinished,” he confessed, his gaze unwavering.

Sarah’s heart fluttered at his sincerity, a rare quality that she found disarmingly endearing. “No, not at all,” she replied, masking the tumult of emotions that churned within her. “I suppose we left things rather abruptly.”

A comfortable silence enveloped them, punctuated only by the distant hum of the city. Michael took a step closer, his eyes holding an unspoken plea for transparency. “Sarah, there’s something about you that feels familiar, yet enigmatic. I can’t quite put my finger on it,” he admitted, his tone gentle yet probing.

Her breath hitched at his observation, her mind wrestling with conflicting desires—to divulge the truth or to protect the carefully woven tapestry of her life. But amidst the turmoil, an unfamiliar sensation tugged at her heart—an inexplicable urge to trust this man, to let down the walls she had meticulously built.

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As Sarah contemplated her response, a soft chime interrupted the moment—a message alert on her phone. Glancing down, she hesitated before meeting Michael’s gaze once more. “I’m sorry, Michael. It seems something urgent has come up. Can we continue this conversation another time?” she asked, her tone tinged with regret.

Understanding flickered in his eyes, and he nodded, a flicker of disappointment fleeting across his features. “Of course, Sarah. I’ll look forward to that,” he replied, his voice tinged with a hint of longing.

With a fleeting smile, Sarah bid him farewell and vanished into the city’s bustling embrace, her thoughts consumed by the unexpected intrusion of someone who seemed to unravel the carefully guarded layers of her existence.

As she disappeared into the city’s labyrinth, Sarah couldn’t shake the feeling that Michael was more than just a passing acquaintance—a connection that threatened to unearth secrets she had vowed to keep buried.

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