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Here is the summary of Christmas Kisses by Maggie Shayne

“Christmas Kisses” conjures images of warmth, love, and festive cheer, encapsulating the magic and romance associated with the holiday season. This phrase evokes a sense of joy, togetherness, and the enchanting moments that come with Christmas. Let’s explore the essence and imagery behind “Christmas Kisses.”

Festive Romance

“Christmas Kisses” hints at romantic moments that are heightened by the magic of the holiday season. It symbolizes affectionate gestures shared during this special time, capturing the warmth and intimacy of love amid the festive atmosphere.

Snowy Scenes and Mistletoe

The phrase evokes images of wintry landscapes, twinkling lights, and the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe—a beloved symbol of love and celebration during Christmas.

Sentimental Memories

It signifies cherished memories created during the holidays—moments shared by loved ones, underlining the emotional significance of connections, relationships, and the spirit of giving and sharing.

Joyous Celebrations

“Christmas Kisses” embodies the joyous spirit of the season, celebrating love, friendship, and the happiness derived from being together with those who matter most.

Romantic Companionship

The phrase encapsulates the cozy companionship found during the holidays, highlighting the joy of being close to someone special, sharing laughter, stories, and tender moments.

Festive Traditions and Rituals

It encompasses the traditions and rituals associated with Christmas—a time when kisses exchanged in the glow of holiday lights or during festive gatherings become treasured moments.

Sparkling Romance

“Christmas Kisses” conjures images of romance sparked by the shimmering ambiance of the holiday season, where love seems to ignite and sparkle amidst the enchanting decorations and atmosphere.

Acts of Affection and Generosity

Beyond romantic kisses, the phrase might also symbolize acts of kindness, affection, and generosity exchanged during Christmas—a season known for spreading love and goodwill.

Family Bonds and Love

It extends beyond romantic love, encompassing familial affection and the warmth of familial bonds—kisses shared among family members, signifying love, closeness, and unity.

The Magic of the Season

“Christmas Kisses” captures the magical aura of the holidays—a time when love seems to bloom, friendships deepen, and moments become infused with an extra touch of enchantment.

Reflection and Gratitude

The phrase might evoke a sense of reflection and gratitude, reminding us to cherish the precious moments spent with loved ones during this special time of year.


“Christmas Kisses” is more than just a phrase—it embodies the spirit of love, warmth, and togetherness that defines the holiday season. It symbolizes the joyous connections, romantic moments, and cherished memories created amidst the festive celebrations, reminding us of the magic found in love and the holiday spirit.

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