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Here is the summary of Accidentally Undead on Moongate Island by C.D. Gorri

The sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow over Moongate Island. Its serene beaches and lush forests usually held a tranquil ambiance, but tonight, an unusual occurrence disrupted the peace. A peculiar mishap turned an unsuspecting individual into an accidental undead entity.

On the outskirts of the island, nestled amidst the dense foliage, lay an ancient cemetery. Its weathered gravestones stood as silent sentinels, witnesses to the passage of time. Among them, an unassuming traveler, Jay, wandered, drawn by an inexplicable curiosity to explore the island’s hidden mysteries.

Unbeknownst to Jay, a mystical phenomenon was set to unfold that fateful night. As he strolled among the tombstones, an eerie mist descended, swirling around him in an otherworldly dance. A hushed whisper carried on the breeze, an incantation from ages past, weaving its enchantment through the air.

Suddenly, a surge of energy coursed through Jay’s veins, a strange and unsettling sensation. His surroundings blurred, colors distorted, and a jolt of panic shot through him. In a breathless moment, he realized something was amiss. He staggered, feeling disconnected from his own body.

A shimmering light enveloped him, and when it faded, Jay stood in stunned silence, staring at his translucent hands. Panic gave way to disbelief as he comprehended his altered state. He was, inexplicably, an undead being.

Uncertain and bewildered, Jay struggled to grasp his newfound existence. He tested his ghostly limbs, marveling at their intangibility. As he attempted to communicate, his voice echoed hollowly in the desolate cemetery. Fear crept in as the realization sank deeper—his life had taken a surreal turn.

Desperate for answers, Jay embarked on a quest to understand his condition. His spectral form floated across Moongate Island, haunting its familiar paths. He encountered a diverse array of island inhabitants—a quirky mix of locals and tourists, each with their own tales and beliefs.

Some regarded Jay with awe, believing him to be a spectral guardian, a harbinger of fortunes. Others recoiled in fear, crossing themselves and muttering prayers as he drifted past. Despite their reactions, Jay found solace in one empathetic soul—an elderly librarian named Eliza.

Eliza, a wise and enigmatic figure, possessed knowledge of ancient lore and arcane mysteries. She welcomed Jay with understanding and compassion, guiding him through the island’s history. Together, they pored over ancient texts, deciphering cryptic passages that hinted at a long-forgotten ritual—the very ritual that inadvertently bound Jay’s spirit to the realm of the undead.

Driven by a desire to undo the enchantment, Jay and Eliza embarked on a quest for the elusive ingredients needed to reverse the spell. They combed through forgotten archives and ventured into the heart of the island, facing challenges and overcoming obstacles that tested their courage and resolve.

With each step, Jay discovered a newfound purpose, embracing his spectral form as a unique gift rather than a curse. His journey illuminated the beauty of Moongate Island, its rich tapestry of life and the interconnectedness of its inhabitants.

Finally, at the island’s zenith under a radiant full moon, Jay and Eliza performed the intricate ritual. A cascade of shimmering light enveloped Jay once more, but this time, it felt different—a soothing warmth replacing the previous disconcerting sensations.

As the ritual concluded, Jay felt a profound sense of gratitude and understanding. The mist dissipated, and he stood, once again a mortal being, reborn from the ethereal embrace of the undead.

Moongate Island whispered tales of his extraordinary journey, a testament to resilience and the enduring power of the human spirit. Jay, forever changed by his encounter with the mystical, left the island carrying with him not just his own story but the intertwined narratives of those he encountered—a testament to the indomitable spirit of adventure that defined Moongate Island.

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. Publish Date 8 Nov, 2023

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