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Here is the summary of A Bride for the Duke of Ice by Ava MacAdams

In the frost-kissed lands of the North, where winter’s chill painted the landscape in an ethereal beauty, there lived a Duke known as the “Duke of Ice.” His demeanor was as cold and formidable as the glaciers that adorned his domain, and whispers of his heart being encased in frost echoed through the high halls of his castle.

Rumors swirled among the aristocracy about the Duke’s icy temperament, his reluctance to entertain suitors, and his refusal to seek a bride. Yet, the whispers also spoke of a promise made by his late father—a pledge that the Duke would choose a bride by the winter’s end, a bride who could thaw the frost that encased his heart.

Amidst this intrigue and mystery stood Lady Jasmine, renowned for her warmth, grace, and unwavering kindness. Her laughter was a melody that echoed through the corridors of her family’s estate, and her compassion knew no bounds. Yet, behind her radiance lay a spirit unyielding, a determination to find her own path in a world dictated by societal norms.

The fates conspired, weaving threads of destiny that entwined the paths of the Duke and Lady Jasmine. The announcement of the Duke’s quest for a bride spread through the realm like wildfire, drawing the attention of eligible ladies vying for his favor. Among them stood Lady Jasmine, not driven by ambition or societal expectations, but by an innate curiosity to unravel the enigma of the Duke of Ice.

As the winter days drew closer to their conclusion, the Duke held a grand ball within the frost-laden halls of his castle. Ladies adorned in their finest gowns and jewels graced the event, each seeking to capture the attention of the enigmatic Duke. Amidst the glittering assembly stood Lady Jasmine, her demeanor not one of calculated charm but of genuine curiosity and an open heart.

The Duke, cloaked in an aura of stoicism, observed the throng of elegant ladies with a detachment that bordered on indifference. Yet, when his gaze fell upon Lady Jasmine, something stirred within him—a spark, a glimmer of interest that defied his icy facade.

Their encounter was brief but significant. Lady Jasmine’s genuine warmth thawed the frost around the Duke’s heart, if only for a moment. He found himself drawn to her spirit, captivated by her genuine nature amidst the sea of polished facades.

In the quiet moments that followed, Lady Jasmine found herself unexpectedly drawn to the Duke—not by his title or prestige but by the glimpse of vulnerability she sensed beneath his icy exterior. Their conversations, though brief, were laden with unspoken understanding, each revealing facets of themselves that they had guarded from the world.

As the night waned and the ball drew to a close, the Duke sought Lady Jasmine amidst the dwindling crowd. In a moment that felt suspended in time, he extended an invitation—for her to accompany him on a walk through the wintry gardens, away from the prying eyes and murmurs of the court.

Under the pale moonlight, amidst the glistening snow, the Duke and Lady Jasmine found themselves immersed in a conversation that transcended the boundaries of their stations. Words flowed freely, barriers dissolved, and an undeniable connection blossomed between them—a connection that held the promise of thawing the Duke’s icy facade and awakening dormant emotions within him.

Their encounter that night marked the beginning of a tale untold, one that would unravel the layers of the Duke’s guarded heart and unveil the genuine love that awaited amidst the frost and the warmth of Lady Jasmine’s spirit.

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A Bride for the Duke of Ice by Ava MacAdams Download PDF

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