Worthy by Leigh James


Club 444 has one unbreakable rule: don’t fall in love.

CASSIUS: As the eldest brother and the CEO of our family’s multibillion-dollar empire, control isn’t just a preference—it’s a necessity. Since the loss of our parents, the weight of our legacy and the future of my brothers rest squarely on my shoulders. Club 444 was meant to be my escape, a realm where the elite can indulge away from prying eyes. But that was before Faith walked through its doors, challenging every rule I’ve set in place.

FAITH: The decision to work at Club 444 was born of desperation. My brother’s life hangs in the balance, and the cost of his treatment leaves me with no other choice. Surrounded by wealth and power, I feel out of place, a stranger in a world of luxury and hidden desires. Cassius, the enigmatic owner, insists his interest is purely professional. Yet, his lingering looks suggest a tantalizing possibility of something more. But he’s made it clear he will never be more than my employer. As lines begin to blur, I’m faced with a choice that threatens to upend everything: adhere to the boundaries set by Cassius, or surrender to a heart that wants to believe I’m worthy of love.



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