The Breakup Artists by Adriana Mather

The Breakup Artists by Adriana Mather

August and Valentine, seventeen-year-old best friends, run a business called Summer Love, Inc. They hire themselves out to unhappy parents whose kids are in bad relationships, adopting fake identities and going undercover to break up these relationships by any means necessary.

Valentine, the brains of the operation, believes that they’re making the world a better place by steering people away from a relationship precipice so they can someday find true love. But for August, every case is personal–another chance to prove that true love doesn’t exist. He blames his sister’s manipulative boyfriend for her death, and–unlike Valentine–he doesn’t believe in soul mates. No, he thinks the idea of falling head over heels is ridiculous at any age.

But then August meets Ella, who suddenly turns everything he thought he believed about love upside down. The problem is that she’s their new case, which means that everything he’s told her about himself is a lie–including his name.



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