Stars and Swipes by Tamrin Banks

Stars and Swipes by Tamrin Banks


Promise Lansing:
I don’t need the hassle that my new next-door neighbor brings. He’s keeping me up all night and working my last nerve all day. I loved his parents and miss them desperately but he’s bound and determined to turn their lovely old home next to mine into a bed and breakfast. I don’t want or need that kind of stress. But when a little kitten shows up, it’s like we’re constantly thrown together thanks to little Tigerlily.
The last straw is when I join a dating app and it matches me up with Kade! What the heck? Sure, he’s gorgeous when he’s shirtless and sweaty with all those bulging muscles. Sure, he’s got the sexiest pale green eyes I’ve ever seen. And yeah, sure my body goes into overdrive every time he’s close to me.
But that doesn’t mean that I can be with him. He’s too young, too cocky and too darn annoying! I need a mature man that knows how to treat a woman. Not a young pup that thinks he knows everything but doesn’t.
No way!

Kade Graham:
Promise is everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman and thought I’d never find. I haven’t been home in ages, memories keeping me far away. If I had, I would have met her sooner and won her over. Without destroying her peace and quiet, according to her.
Tigerlily, the stray kitten she adopted seems bound and determined to love both of us. The app that the town built too. How on earth did we end up on that disastrous first date?
But underneath it all is a force that’s impossible to deny. Lust is part of it. But love is the main ingredient that winds us together. I want her, I need her and I ache to hold her close to me all night long.
Can a tiny bundle of fur and our close proximity bring her around to the fact that I might be ten years younger than her but I know what I need? Fireworks fly on the Fourth of July between the two of us and I am so close to getting what I want. Her, curled up in my bed with my ring on her delicate finger for the rest of our lives.

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