Shades of Red by Willow Prescott

Shades of Red by Willow Prescott Description:

“She tastes like she was made just for me.”

Paris is full of vibrance and flavor, robust and rich. It’s a place where dreams are forged and broken. The city of love has everything to offer, and I want it all.
There’s a new restaurant in town offering a unique chance at becoming sous chef if you can prove you’re the best of ten competitors. And I won’t let anything stand in the way of my culinary victory.
But the pretty little French girl with golden hair and cherry red lips sharing my station in the Dix kitchen throws my entire world off its axis. Aurélie is the surprise I never saw coming and the distraction I never wanted. And more than anything else, I want to make her mine.
Flames aren’t the only thing heating up this kitchen. And knives aren’t the only thing sharp enough to draw blood.
She feeds a darker side of me that I don’t think I can ever deny again.
And forbidden fruit has never tasted so sweet.

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