Rebuilding Year by A.M. Arthur

Rebuilding Year by A.M. Arthur Description:

Can two very different men fake a relationship for the sake of a life-changing inheritance?
Angelo Voltini can seduce anyone he sets his eyes on, but now that he’s forty, his hookup habit is wearing thin. He wants something real but doesn’t know how to get it. When his mentor dies and a business-saving inheritance hinges on Angelo being in a committed relationship, he impulsively nominates his newest tenant for the job.
Bryan Gillespie is recently paroled and still finding his footing in the outside world. He barely has time to be a good brother, uncle, and employee, never mind think of romance. Angelo’s shocking proposal—fake it for a percentage—catches him off-guard. And intrigues him. Bryan is attracted to Angelo in all the right (and wrong) ways, but he’s leery of dating his landlord—even if the relationship is supposedly fake.
Their chemistry is real and explosive, and neither man can resist the other’s pull. But what kind of future can two men have when what they’re building is set on a foundation of lies?



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