My Sanctuary by Declan Rhodes

My Sanctuary by Declan Rhodes Description:

When Rafe fled to the Lake Michigan coastal town of Blue Harbor, he sought a refuge from the toxic, physically abusive relationship that had left him emotionally shattered. Little did he know that he would find not only healing but also an unexpected second chance at love.
Theo, a local artist grappling with grief over losing his husband to cancer less than two years after marriage, runs a small gallery and offers mindfulness sessions to find peace and purpose. From the moment he meets Rafe, he senses a kindred spirit—someone who understands the pain of loss and the challenges of opening one’s heart again.
As Rafe begins attending Theo’s sessions and spending time in his gallery, a deep connection blossoms between them. In each other’s presence, they discover a sanctuary where they can be vulnerable, heal, and imagine a future filled with love and hope.




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