Mister Gregory by Nichole Rose

Mister Gregory by Nichole Rose Description:

Two weeks. No rules.
Those were the terms my daughter’s best friend offered me after she caught her ex in bed with her boss. She didn’t know that I’ve wanted her since the day I met her. She didn’t expect me to take so much more.
If she wanted to leave with her soul, she never should have offered it up to me on a silver platter. I’ve waited four years to make her mine. I’m not waiting any longer.
I’ll protect her from the dangerous men hunting me. I’ll guard her heart when my daughter finds out about us. But that curvy body is mine. I’m not letting her go.
God help anyone who thinks otherwise.

I’ve been crushing on my best friend’s father since I met him, but I never thought I stood a chance. Until we ended up living together at his beach house, anyway. A little liquid courage was all it took to loosen my tongue.
Two weeks. No strings. No rules. Those were the terms I offered Roman.
I didn’t expect him to take them, nor did I expect him to want so much more.
Now, my whole world is changing… and it might go up in flames before everything is said and done. But God help me; I love the way this man burns.
Mister Gregory is a steamy, full-length romance featuring a curvy heroine, an over-the-top alpha, and one wicked proposition. There is no cheating between FMC and MMC.

*previously published as Her Best Friend’s Father serial.



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