Hell Yes by A. Olsen Description:

Jesse Hellion is the son of the Hellraisers & Hellions MC president and he’s determined to prove his place in the crew. Nothing, not even Xander Layton, the one member who drives Jesse crazy, will distract him.
Xander is the club’s techie and a bisexual playboy who’s all about a good time. Despite his rule about flirting with members, he can’t help but tease the hot as hell Jesse. But the only thing they have in common, besides the club, is the beautiful waitress at the local diner.
Val Renn grew up in Mosley, Alberta in a strict religious order called Holy Sacrifice. Just hours before she was due to marry the order’s leader, Val ran away, and never looked back. Now settled in Longford, Val likes her quiet life and her job at the diner.
Until Val is caught in the crossfire of a biker turf war. But Val gets all the protection she needs from Jesse and Xander and suddenly, the fiery tension between them unleashes. Is she going to break her rule for these two men? All Val has to do is say… yes.



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