Curvy Perfection by Sam Crescent

Curvy Perfection by Sam Crescent Description:

Ward Hildreth and Kirsty Blake hate each other. No one knows exactly why, but they always argue, fight, and just don’t get along. Ward cannot deny that he finds the curvy brunette sexy as hell. He has admired her body for a long time, but that doesn’t mean anything.

For Kirsty, she has never liked smart-mouthed Ward. He always seems to think he knows best, and he always has to have the last word. Much to her surprise, she learns of a bet that has been placed on her and Ward finally getting together. She is shocked and when she tells Ward, he is just as surprised as her. What starts out as a civil conversation, soon becomes heated, and Kirsty doesn’t know what exactly happened next.
One moment they’re fighting, the next, they’re kissing. Only that kiss … was amazing.
There is only one tiny problem, both of them want to do it again. They agree to date in secret. There are many surprises along the way through their secret dating. Ward starts to fall for her, and he loves that he is the only man she has been with. He is going to make this the best experience of her life.
When Kirsty becomes pregnant, Ward knows it is only a matter of time before everyone knows their secret, but he wants her to know his feelings. He is in love with her, and he is not going to run and hide. He wants to show everyone that she belongs to him.



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