Common Grounds by Allie Samberts

Common Grounds by Allie Samberts  Description:

Can a lifestyle reporter and a coffee shop owner find love brewing between them? Or will their blend be too bitter to succeed?

Emery Darlis hates her job. She’s a journalist stuck writing feel-good local stories for a web magazine, and she’s grumpy about it. In fact, she’s going to burn out quickly if she doesn’t get to write something more interesting soon.
Trevor Kovacic’s coffee shop is failing. It’s the place that houses all the memories of his family, and it’s got two months, tops. He’s trying to stay positive, but he needs a miracle.
Emery and Trevor have nothing in common. That is, until they share an unforgettable one-night stand.
They never expect to see each other after that, until Emery makes a bold bet with her boss to write a viral feature, and they end up face to face. Again.
Desperate to win and intrigued by Trevor’s situation, Emery pitches a series of articles about his shop. They’ll have to work together, but that should be easy… if they can each stop thinking about that one, passionate night.



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