Captive Consort by Jade Marshall

Captive Consort by Jade Marshall


I have dreamed of him nearly all my life. Never once did I dream he would lock me in a cage. Yet here I sit, trapped, alone, and furious.
I would rather rage at him than listen to the outrageous things he’s trying to tell me. What the hell is a consort, and who does this man think he is, playing with my hormones the way he does when he walks into the room?
All I want is my freedom.
Or so I think, until Kyson finally convinces me of just how much more I could gain by staying…

I knew my consort would be difficult to persuade even before the Oracle showed me the path I needed to take to find her. Such is the power my fiery Scarlet wields, and she doesn’t even know it.
The yearning I feel every time I catch her scent goes beyond mere lust. I need to consume her. I need to be consumed by her. And I’ll rip apart any man or vampire who tries to get in my way.
If only it were so simple.

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